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About Us

This site is being created and developed by Subhi Luhn and Sudeva Hawkes.

Who is Sudeva?

Sudeva Hawkes is a university qualified counsellor and he also has 20 years experience of and qualifications in therapeutic massage and Tibetan Healing. He is now based in Denmark, Western Australia, where he is available for individual bodywork sessions, eye readings, group work and counselling.

Sudeva Hawkes left Cambridge University in 1972 to travel the highways and (preferably) the byways of Britain in his horse-drawn caravan. The many adventures he experienced with his horse Abraxas and other friends he met along the way were a wonderful first step on the journey towards being.

When darkness fell the caravan had to stop. Often the best imaginable camping place magically appeared but, whatever the place looked like, that was home for the night. When his horse was still tired in the morning, they rested another day.

Even the police, who very occasionally asked them to move on, were not allowed to force a tired horse to work. There was no other choice but acceptance.

After years of travelling, Sudeva settled in Scotland, working his horse in the woods, until 1983.

Then, his old friend Clive Chabrier invited him to study massage. Clive had just founded the West London School of Therapeutic Massage. He and Sudeva had been investigating various forms of healing before that time, but it was then that Sudeva began to work professionally.

Since then, he has studied various forms of bodywork including Rajneesh Massage, Bioenergetics and Tibetan Pulsing. He did a year long Counsellor Training in London with Quaesitor II in 1986 and 1987 and more recently graduated with distinction as a Bachelor of Counselling from Notre Dame University in Perth, Western Australia .

In 1990 Sudeva moved to Australia and since then he has been working with healing in Australia, England and the United States. He has been successful in working with Chronic Fatigue, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Addictive Behaviour, Menstrual Pain, Emotional Trauma, Sexuality and Relationships and many other issues.

He lived at the Osho Commune in India for three years, while Osho was still alive. Living in the commune of this master has been the greatest blessing. There, he met Dheeraj (who originated the Tibetan Pulsing) and studied with him for several years.

Sudeva's intention is to help you to free yourself from the clutter, the mental noise, the emotional pain, the physical problems which keep us from being able to enter into the very centre of our own beings. His invitation is to an exploration of oneself and of what is.


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